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2x Be-White Tandblekning Starter Kit PRO

2x Be-White Tandblekning Starter Kit PRO

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Allt du behöver för att starta din resa mot ett ljusare och vitare leende! Lättanvända munskålar och professionell blekningsgel ger dig det perfekta resultatet på nolltid och utan att betala absurda priser hos tandläkaren!

Detta kit innehåller

2 av allt!

2 x Munbricka

2 x Belissas tandblekningsgel

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What's Included

2 x Mouth Tray
2 x Belissas Teeth Whitening Gel (5ml each)
1 x Belissas Whitening Light
1 x Instructions manual
1 x Shade Guide to compare results

How to Use

1. Open the battery cover on your Belissas Whitening Light and remove the plastic under the batteries. Then close the cover.
2. Mold the mouth trays by dipping them in hot water and then biting into them, one row at a time. Suck in the air while using your fingers to press around your teeth to provide the optimal contact between the whitening gel and the tooth surface. Repeat for the second row of teeth.
3. Brush your teeth thoroughly so that nothing comes between the tooth surface and the whitening gel.
4. Unscrew the cap on the gel applicator provided in the kit. Apply a thin line along the front of the mouth trays (the side that will be against the tooth surface). Be careful with the amount, only approximately 0.5 ml is needed per row of teeth.
5. Bite into the mouth trays. To make room for the lamp at the same time, you can cut off the flaps on the mouth trays and place the lamp in front of them. Turn on the lamp and treat for approximately 10-20 minutes.
6. When the treatment is complete, rinse your mouth and brush your teeth thoroughly to remove any remaining whitening gel. Also rinse the mouth trays so that they are ready for the next time.
Repeat the process 1-10 days in a row, or until you have reached the desired result.

If you experience sensitivity take a break for a couple of days.


Glycerin, Aqua, Sorbitol, Propylene Glycol, Phthalimidoperoxycaproic Acid (PAP), Xanthan gum, Sodium saccharin, Peppermint essence, Aloe Barbadensis, Anthemis Nobilis flower extract, Disodium phosphate, Hydroxyapatite, Menthol.


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Why Choose Belissas

But Why Choose
Belissas Whitening

For us, it goes without saying

  • Developed by Dentist
    Developed by Dentists
    For professional teeth whitening results
  • Approved in EU
    Approved in EU
    Safe to use and of course approved ingredients
  • Tested in EU
    Tested in EU
    Belissas Whitening provides safe and efficient products
  • Peroxide Free
    Peroxide Free
    More than 3X the strength of the active ingredients
  • Guaranteed Results
    Guaranteed Results
    As always with Belissas 100% Customer Satisfaction Garuantee
  • Fast Delivery
    Fast Delivery
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