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Be-White Charcoal Floss

Be-White Charcoal Floss

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Be-white Charcoal Floss

Increase your oral hygiene with our charcoal floss. Flossing helps protect gums and reduce tooth decay by removing plaque between teeth.

Our floss is coated with active charcoal to gently remove the hidden germs between your teeth and with it’s minty flavor your mouth is left feeling oh so fresh and clean!

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What's Included

1x Be-White Charcoal Floss

How to Use

1. Wrap 50cm of Be-white Charcoal Floss around your middle fingers.
2. Start by flossing at the top of the tooth and work gently downwards.
3. Make sure to clean both sides of the tooth, tooth by tooth, along the gum line.
Use a clean part of floss every other teeth.



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Why Choose Belissas

But Why Choose
Belissas Whitening

For us, it goes without saying

  • Developed by Dentist
    Developed by Dentists
    For professional teeth whitening results
  • Approved in EU
    Approved in EU
    Safe to use and of course approved ingredients
  • Tested in EU
    Tested in EU
    Belissas Whitening provides safe and efficient products
  • Peroxide Free
    Peroxide Free
    More than 3X the strength of the active ingredients
  • Guaranteed Results
    Guaranteed Results
    As always with Belissas 100% Customer Satisfaction Garuantee
  • Fast Delivery
    Fast Delivery
    1-3 days delivery withing EU